"Umaru as a Child"

How Umaru's obsession with cat plushies started

Summary Edit

10 years ago, Taihei, still in high school, gets 100 points on a test. Kanau suggests that they go somewhere to play. They and Bomber go to a crane arcade center, where Taihei plays for a cat doll. Bomber tries (and fails) to get one. Kanau also tries, to no avail. When Bomber calls her "stupid", she hits him. Taihei looks closely at the doll and realizes that its feet are intertwined, which is why Bomber and Kanau failed to get it. Taihei decides to aim for its tag, and succeeds. At Taihei and Umaru's former apartment, Taihei gives the cat doll to her, after which she says "thank you". In the present day, Taihei is shocked that Umaru got a LOT of dolls from the game arcade.