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"Umaru and Everyone" (うまるとみんな Umaru to Minna?) is the twelveth and final episode of the Himouto! Umaru-chan Himouto! Umaru-chan (Himouto! Umaru-chan (Anime)).


Umaru, persuaded by a TV advert, persuades Taihei to buy a car, with the plan of relaxing in the back and being able to sleep on the way to school. She also suggests that they could use it for a trip to the beach, since Taihei promised to take her at some point and never got round to it. He agrees, although discovers that he is too nervous to drive his new car on public roads, and so they ask Bomber to drive them.

Bomber drives Umaru, Taihei, Ebina and Kirie (whom he fails to recognise as his sister, since she has a slightly different hairstyle) to Enoshima, where they spend the day. Both Bomber and Kirie wonder why "Komaru" is not coming along, as they have no idea that she and Umaru are the same person.

The group visits the aquarium and the beach (where they meet Tachibana Sylphynford, who is there with her brother on the family's yacht), and Kirie confides in Umaru that she's glad she met Komaru as most of the school is afraid of her after seeing her beat up Bomber when he came to her school once, and now she has someone to talk to. She explains how happy she feels to know Komaru, and Umaru thanks her, which confuses Kirie.

On the drive home, Bomber asks Taihei what Komaru is doing. Taihei looks back and says she is asleep. Bomber of course interprets this to mean that she stayed home, but in fact, all three girls are all asleep in the back of the car, and Umaru (perhaps encouraged by the knowledge from Kirie that she would have these friends either way) has transformed into her secret, "Komaru" home self.


  • Despite the title implying that everyone will appear in this episode, Kanau is not seen at any point, and Alex never speaks.
  • The end credits sequence for the series was based on this episode. As a result, this episode is given a different ending sequence, depicting the girls visiting a mountain (which Taihei suggested as a future destination at the end of this episode).
  • Bomber suspects that Taihei and Umaru have an interesting family history to explain their living situation, but chooses not to expand on this. Previous flashbacks have supported this, although it has never been explicitly mentioned or explained.
  • Taihei can afford 3,000,000 yen (~$28,000 USD) to buy the car at the start of the episode, although he is shocked at the price, despite this being a fairly average price for a small family car.