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Hikari Kongo (金剛ヒカリ Kongō Hikari?) is a top student in the gifted youth program. She is Kanau's younger sister.


Hikari's design in the anime.

Hikari is a petite girl with long white hair, white eyelashes, and brown eyes. Her hair is styled into uneven bangs with a curly ahoge on top.

She usually wears her school's uniform which consists of a white shirt with red and white-striped sleeves, red bow, red skirt, and white coat. Due to her small physique, the sleeves of her uniform appear loose and extend past her arms. She wears diamond barrettes in her hair.


When visiting the Doma residence, Hikari does not appear to get along with Umaru, as both fight for Taihei's attention. As a result, Umaru and Hikari are not on good terms with each other. She is shy—which causes her to freeze at times—and finds Umaru's laziness very annoying.


Hikari lives alongside her sister in a large apartment. During her childhood, Taihei would occasionally visit them and taught Hikari while there. Over time, she grew fond of him and would frequently think about him even after he no longer visited her.

While attending high school, her sister sent Alex to spy on Taihei's apartment and bring back any information on the household.[1] With this knowledge, Hikari visits the Domas on Tuesdays (which Umaru refers to as 'Bread Day') when Kanau works overtime.[2]


Hikari (ヒカリ): Has no meaning as it is Katakana, but in Kanji form it can mean "light" (光).


  • She and Kirie both have names that mean light; however, Kirie's name means light in another language, rather than her given kanji.


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