Himouto! Umaru-chan Wiki
Kanau Kongou
Kanau kachō
Alternate Name Boss (by Taihei Doma)

Chief Kanau (by co-workers)

Birthday July 31
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair Gray-Brown
Eyes Brown
Relations Hikari Kongo (Younger Sister)
President Kongo (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Anime Umaru and Summer Vacation
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese voice Ami Koshimizu

Kanau Kongo / Kanau Kachō (金剛 叶 / 叶課長?) is the female boss of Taihei Doma, Takeshi Motoba, and Alex Tachibana, described as beautiful and excellent in Himouto! Umaru-chan. She is also Hikari Kongo's older sister.


Kanau has light brown-gray colored hair, with two long bangs on each side and adorned with a yellow bow on the back. Her eyes are round and of a brown color. Most of the time, she is seen wearing a gray business suit with a light pink undershirt.


Kanau maintained a serious demeanor towards her work from high school all the way to her adult life. She acts flirty around Taihei, but, unlike Taihei, she seems to act violent towards Bomber and made fun of his afro when they were in high school.


She has been friends with Taihei and Bomber ever since high school, with a secret crush on Taihei due to his attitude and good traits.


  • According to Umaru in the manga, who hears stories of Kanau from Hikari, Kanau may be a "leveled up himouto".
  • She is shown to be bad at cooking, messing up a Cream Stew she was preparing for Taihei and Hikari when they were younger.
  • She is a target of Jealousy from Umaru, for reasons which aren't entirely explained.