Koichiro Ebina
海老名 公一郎
Ebina Kōichirō
Occupation Cook
Gender Male
Relations Nana Ebina (sister)
Manga Chapter 98
Anime Big Brother Departs
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese voice Nobuhiko Okamoto
Koichiro Ebina (海老名 公一郎 Ebina Kōichirō?) is the older brother of Nana in Himouto! Umaru-chan.


Koichiro has short dark brown hair, typically tied up in a red-and-white hair tie on the top of his head.

He is usually seen with a chef's outfit on with a red scarf, his chef's hat shadowing his face to the point where it's impossible to see any facial features except his eyes.

Personality Edit

Being a Master Chef, he's always serious whenever he's working. He has a strict and serious personality, despite that he's easy to embarrass shown when Taihei complimented him as his face immediately turned red and steam started pouring out of his head with a workmate of him claiming him to be a Tsundere embarrassing him even more, much like his younger sister Ebina.

He's a passionate about his occupation as a cook and even asked Taihei if he wanted to work in their restaurant, showing that he had respect towards those who knew how to cook and is good at it.


  • Taihei and Koichiro met during Taihei's business trip.
  • He immediately deduced that Taihei works not for himself but for someone else the first time he saw him cooking.
  • Ebina mentioned that Koichiro left their home when she was only seven and had not seen him or spoke to him since then.
  • Ebina's hairbands for her twin-tails are the exact same pattern and color as Koichiro.



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