Kanau Kongou
Kanau kachō
Alternate Name Boss (by Taihei Doma)

Chief Kanau (by co-workers)

Birthday July 31
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair Grey Brown
Eyes Brown
Relations Kongou Hikari (Younger Sister)
Anime "Umaru and Summer Vacation"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese voice Ami Koshimizu

Kongō Kanau / Kanau Kachō (金剛 叶 / 叶課長?) is the female boss of Taihei, Bomber, and Alex, described in Young Jump magazine as beautiful and excellent in Himouto! Umaru-chan. She is also Hikari's older sister.


She has light-chestnut colored hair, with two bands on each side and wears a yellow bow. Her eyes can be described as light-chestnut or marron. She has striped cheeks like most of the other female characters in the series. Most of the time she is seen wearing a business suit.


Kanau from high school to adult has a serious demeanor towards her work, but acts flirty around Taihei. Unlike Taihei, she seems to act violent towards Bomber and makes fun of his afro when they were in high school.


She has been friends with Taihei and Bomber ever since high school, with a secret crush on Taihei due to his attitude and good traits.


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