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Umaru unboxing a Necolumbus

The "Necolumbus" (sometimes spelled as "Neko-Long-Bus"; "neko" being Japanese for "cat"; however, the "ne" kanji means "sleep") is a long, large cat pillow constantly seen in the Himouto! Umaru-chan manga and anime. The doll is white with large blue spots and appears to have a sad look on its face. Umaru is usually seen sleeping (and mostly drooling) with it while in her true chibi form.

Umaru tried to get an extra-large Necolumbus for herself by manipulating her brother Taihei out of a work day just so he could help her win one at a rock-paper-scissors contest at the arcade, where she left him at one store and went to another to increase her chances (much to Taihei's dismay). Taihei eventually won in the final round, against Umaru's friend Ebina (who also appeared to really want the Necolumbus). He ended up giving Ebina the doll because he thought it could save the friendship between the girls. Umaru, who lost the contest, was extremely angry and berated Taihei for his selfless act. A few days later, Umaru bought her own Necolumbus online, using her brother's money.


  • Because of the manga and anime's popularity, dolls have been manufactured in real life.
  • The flyers for the above contest advertise the as the "Healing Local Mascot/Feel-Good Mascot Character".
  • The 2nd "ne" kanji at the beginning of the word "Necolumbus" means "sleep", as shown below