Before starting to edit on the wiki, please read all of this, or else the admins will feel free to remove your edits again.

General Rules

Everyone is free to help out. However, if you add bigger or questionable information, make sure to name a source in the reference list that is featured on almost every page of this wiki. Our wiki tries its best to only add confirmed information, therefore rumors or assumptions have to stay in the fandom only. Do not argue with the admins, if they remove your edit again, when they cannot see any source that proves an edit to be correct.
  • Do not vandalize current articles.
  • Continued vandalism will result in a block.
  • No offensive articles or images with sexual, vulgar language, or racist remarks.
  • Do not make pointless articles. If you see one, put the Request for Deletion tag on.
  • Please Respect Neutrality.
  • No advertising.
  • At all times, please abide by the Wikia Privacy Policy.
  • Do not only provide one point of view, but all relevant viewpoints as necessary.
  • Support your article with actual facts.


If you see any problem with something on the wiki do not hesitate to contact an admin. We're ready to help. This wiki was created for fun and fandom after all, not for a competition of who knows more. No one is a professional on here, just fans with a hobby. Thank you and enjoy editing!

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