Tachibana Alex is the big brother of Tachibana Sylphynford and a Big fan of Anime, Manga and Gaming. He is a supporting character in the anime and manga series and was asked by Kanau to spy on Taihei and he meets up with the other characters regularly in the show. He bonds with Umaru when Taihei invites him over to his apartment and invites his workmates to an anime festival on Christmas Eve. He is very kind to everyone and he is indirectly the reason Sylphyn Got into gaming because of the advertisement of Space Stream Fighter III that he sent to Alex. Taihei is also his superior and helps him out with his computer when its frozen as shown in Season 1. Also in the final episode of the first season he is shown watching Sylphyn play with her friends on the beach on a yacht with binoculars. He regularly wears a white collared shirt underneath a light brown jumper as well as slacks and dress shoes. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to anime and when he invites Taihei and Bomba to the festival he has the trademark "anime starry eyes" look. When Sylphyn invites Umaru and the others to her house it is shown that there are anime and game posters on the walls which she said were all her brothers possessions and in the second season it is shown that only people that are very close call each other by their first name and they wondered why Alex still calls Kanau by her first name. While on the work trip when working in the kitchen peeling potatoes he created a 'Migu' figure (referenced from Umaru's Migu doll) he brought Kanau her lunch along with the 'Potato Migu'. (This was typed in 30 minutes so feel free to rewrite the entire thing if you wish).