Tachibana Miki is the mother of both Alex and Sylphyn and is very similar to Sylphyn with their habit of posing when they make their entrance and having a sound effect when they enter in the example of Sylphyn 'Shupaan!'. She is very organised and also very caring albeit in her own way to Sylphyn as well as seemingly OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to kimonos. She won all of the kimono fitting contests mentioned in the series and even when Sylphyn had a slight ruffle in her kimono sleeve she refitted it in a flash (literally). She then proceeded to fit Umaru, Ebina and Kirie lightning fast and the end result being that they all had a perfect fit where Miki proceeded to take a picture of all of them in their kimonos. The only time she is shown in the anime series she was wearing a purple kimono. She also affectionally refers to Sylphyn as Sylph-san/chan.